USA 1946 #805 1½c Prexie w/ 4½c Prexie Used for Postage Due Rare


Unusual 2oz first class cover franked with only a #805 1½¢ Martha Washington Prexie canceled in the morning and returned to sender in the late afternoon the same day for Postage Due of 4½¢ to comprise the 2oz rate of 6¢. Ah, those were the days - two mail deliveries - which this piece of Prexie Postal History documents...Normally a ½¢ and a 4¢ Postage Due would be affixed - ANY fractional and correct Postage Due usage whether postage dues are used or other stamps is a scarce usage - the #809 4½¢ White House "Prexie" used in place of postage dues is extremely Rare and possibly the creme of the Prexie postage due usages.

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